Award Winning Beers

Jack is pumped about our growing beer list and is very excited to see the last two were Swanny Cellars Brewery of the Month; 4 Pines and Feral taking up a lot of space in the top 50 alone. ….We stock the highlighted beers in bold below.

  1. Stone and Wood Brewing Company: Pacific Ale Beer
  2. Feral Brewing Company: Hop Hog Beer
  3. Pirate Life Brewing: IIPA
  4. Pirate Life Brewing: Pale Ale
  5. Little Creatures: Pale Ale
  6. James Squire: 150 Lashes
  7. 4 Pines Brewing Company: Pale Ale
  8. 4 Pines Brewing Company: Kolsch
  9. Modus Operandi Brewing Company: Former Tenant
  10. Feral Brewing Company: Karma Citra (Jack’s beer of the week)
  11. Pirate Life Brewing: Throwback
  12. James Squire: Hop Thief 7
  13. Two Birds Brewing: Taco Beer
  14. Brewcult: Milk and Two Sugars
  15. Bridge Road Brewers: Beechworth Pale Ale
  16. Big Shed Brewing: Golden Stout Times
  17. Feral Brewing Company: War Hog
  18. Coopers: Pale Ale
  19. Mountain Goat Brewery: Summer Ale
  20. Mountain Goat Brewery: Steam Ale
  21. White Rabbit Brewery: Dark Ale
  22. Boatrocker Brewing Company: Rameet 2014/2015 (Whisky Aged)
  23. Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel: Three Sheets
  24. Nail Brewing: Red
  25. Prancing Pony Brewery: India Red Ale
  26. Riverside Brewing Company: 777
  27. Fortitude Brewing Company: Noisy Minor Admiral Arch
  28. James Squire: The Chancer
  29. Stone and Wood Brewing Company: Cloud Catcher
  30. Young Henrys Brewing Company: Newtowner
  31. Fortitude Brewing Company: Noisy Minor ANZUS
  32. Matilda Bay Brewing Company: Fat Yak
  33. Little Creatures: Bright Ale
  34. Colonial Brewing Company: Small Ale
  35. 4 Pines Brewings Company: Indian Summer Pale Ale
  36. Rock’s Brewing Company: Hangman
  37. Mash Brewing: Copy Cat
  38. Wolf of the Willows: XPA Extra Pale Ale
  39. Vale Brewing: Vale Ale
  40. Little Creatures: Dog Days
  41. 4 Pines Brewing Company: Imperial West Coast Red Rye IPA
  42. La Sirene Brewing: Praline
  43. Little Creatures: Return of the Dread
  44. Boatrocker Brewing Company: Roger Ramjet 2015 (Bourbon Aged)
  45. Hawkers Beer: IPA
  46. Feral Brewing Company: Tusk
  47. Little Creatures: IPA
  48. 4 Pines Brewing Company: Australian Pale Ale – The Bastard Children of the British Empire
  49. Murray’s Craft Brewing Company: Fred
  50. 2 Brothers Brewery: Growler

Click on the image below to see the full list courtesy of Crafty Pint.


Source: Crafty Pint News
Source: Crafty Pint News