Beers for Easter

We’re not quite sure how chocolate made its way into the annual Easter celebrations but we do know why chocolate and beer are a match made in heaven. A common tasting note of roasted malt is chocolate, therefore most stouts will have lovely hints of chocolate among other flavours which make stout a hearty full flavoured drink. It wasn’t long before brewers decided chocolate was something they could super charge in their stouts by the addition of real chocolate in the brewing process.

These are our favourites.
Young’s Double Choc Stout is probably Swanbourne Cellars oldest living stout. It combines chocolate malt, sugars, dark chocolate and chocolate essence to produce a sweet, thick and creamy stout with a light bitterness. Poured into a big glass and left to warm up a little to get all of the choc goodness we would take this over an Easter Egg any time. $7.99 each 500ml bottle. rating-98.

Rogue knows how to make beer and its Chocolate Stout is one of its highest rating beers. It combines creamy oats, dark chocolate and bittering hops to make what we think is one of the top choc stouts in the world. Expect sweet chocolate up front before a kick of spice, coffee, bitter cocoa and bittering hops to finish making it more akin to a Lindt 80% chocolate block. $15 each 650ml bottle. rating-99

Going along with the theme of Easter, whilst stouts are covered, a more “sessionable” option is a must. We currently stock two great White Rabbit beers. White Rabbit Dark Ale offers a flavourful roasty beer with plenty of nutty, coffee and choc flavours, however it’s lighter body and low abv (4.9%) lend it to the Easter Sunday afternoon crowd who want good bang for their buck. $22 per 6pk
White Rabbit’s newest bunny is the impressive Belgian style Pale Ale. Copper in colour, this pale ale uses fresh tropical hops paired with some Belgian spicey/stone fruit yeast characters. A step up for the Pale Ale lovers as they become more adventurous in their craft choices. $22 per 6pk.

Despite no relevance to chocolate and bunnies we have two great new beers to throw into your esky for your trip down south.

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Tea Leaf IPA
IPA is extremely popular as it is so generous with hop characters ranging from passionfruit to pine needles with bitterness that can give a nice zing or rip your mouth apart (in a good way). Yeastie Boys have developed a lovely IPA with citrusy grapefruit, tropical and grassy hop characters paired perfectly with bergamot orange and leafy Earl Grey character. Beautiful fruit and spice with a drying, slightly tannic finish. $9 per 330ml stubby rating-90

Eagle Bay Black IPA
Black I P A can come in the form of a brutish heavily hopped bitter and viscous roasty drink or (in Eagle Bay’s case) lighter bodied beer showcasing the tropical/citrus hops and a lovely backing of roasted coffee, bitter chocolate, liquorice and spice. We tried this beer recently and thought it offered a versatile option for any place/time. Drinks well cold but can be left a little while to allow the roasty flavours to develop in the glass. $25 per 6pk