Craft canned beer from the Swan Valley

We’re loving that there are so many new craft breweries in and around Perth. Yesterday we had Mash Brewing in the store to show us some of their range. Since they set up the company in 2006, in the Swan Valley, they haven’t stopped winning awards! The brewhouse is here plus a restaurant so if you want to try more beers, make sure you head on over there! And if you head south, they have a great spot in Bunbury over looking the water.

We love what they’re doing and love their philosophy; ‘Brew what you love and they will too’ as well as ‘Push the boundaries of modern brewing.’

And we like that their beers are in cans, like many other craft breweries. Beers in cans has seen a resurgence over the past five years. Quite remarkable if you think about how few beers were in cans then, We read in Business Insider Australia that as of 2012, cans made up ‘53.2% of the beer market while bottles had a 36.5% share .’ Compare that to six years earlier; in 2006, cans made up 48.3% of the market and bottles 41.9%. Other benefits of cans are:

-easier to store and stack

-lighter to carry (important if you’re camping and want to travel light)

-can be crushed after drinking so reduces waste and weight, again even better when campaing

-are recycled

-keep the sun out (not a friend of beer)

-can’t break into shards of glass, again great when camping!

-greater surface area for cool designs, check out Mash Brewing’s artwork!

Don’t just take our word for craft canned beer, drop in and see for yourself! Plus all the other non canned craft beer! Jack , our beer buyer has been busy making sure our customers have a wide selection to choose from when they come to us in the store!

Mash Brewing