Brewery of the Month: 4 Pines

4 Pines Brewing Company, our brewery of the month, has achieved great things in its short time in the beer world. Established in 2008 as a small brew pub in Manly, the family owned 4 Pines now stake claim as being Australia’s second biggest privately owned brewery in Australia (behind brewing giant Coopers). The 4 Pines core range of brews are regular medal winners in the show circuit and popular choices in the annual Hottest 100 craft beers on Australia (the pale ale finished 3rd last year and 7th this year). And this Friday, we’re showing the full range at the store from 4-7pm.

Aside from the great beers, our favourite part about 4 Pines is that they remain family owned (just like us) and that very family are born and bred in the great state of W.A. The story goes that one day when Steve Mitchell of Yallingup went to visit his son Jaron in Manly he developed a serious thirst whilst frolicking around the northern beaches of Sydney (as you do). Naturally, Steve attempted to quench this hard earned thirst at one of the many bars on the Manly Corso. Blessed with the array of craft beer options in W.A and a finely tuned palate that craves firm bitterness, floral hops and a well integrated sweet malt back bone in his beers (beer nerd), Steve was rather deflated when served a popular yet watery European lager that may have abided by the German Beer Purity Law but obviously lacked the teaspoon of love that craft brewers tend to use in a “heaped” manner.

It’s fair to say that Steve spat the dummy that day, wincing with every sip of his 10 dollar pint of lager. Steve’s response was proactive and fast. He called a family meeting with wife Terri, Jaron, Jaron’s wife Sheree and second son Adam who had just climbed Everest. His plan- to build a craft brew pub in Manly. With family friend and brewer Nick d’Espeissis (now head brewer and part owner at Eagle Bay) joining the team the brewery dream quickly became a reality.

Jump to 2016 and 4 Pines still runs a small brew pub in Manly with 500 litre capacity as well as a 4 year old bigger and better brewery with 5000 litre capacity in Brookvale, just a few suburbs north. They now employ close to 100 people including a full team of 13 brewers lead by head brewer Chris Willcock of Bluetongue Brewery fame.

Swanbourne Cellars has been supporters of 4 Pines since its first foray into the W.A market due to their appeal to all levels of beer drinker from Kolsch to Barrel aged Baltic Porter. Here is a brief description of each of the 4 Pines beers we stock at Swanny Cellars which we’ll be opening this Friday 12th February 4-7pm.

Kolsch $19.99 per 6 pk

This German style golden ale is the perfect beer for those entering the craft beer world. It is an ale that undergoes a lagering process leaving it with a very light body for an ale, citrusy hop character and a light malt base.

Pale Ale $19.99 per 6 pk

One of the breweries most awarded beers this American style pale is characterised by its hop forward tropical pine and citrusy grapefruit notes backed up by a slight toffee malt backing and medium bitterness.

Hefeweizen $19.99 per 6pk

A lighter style of German cloudy wheat beer displaying a light body, lively carbonation and notes of banana and coriander. A perfect summer refresher.

Stout $19.99 per 6pk

A dry Irish style stout displaying roasty coffee and bitter dark chocolate. Check this out for a story…beer in space!

E.S.B 2 500ml bottles for $12

This Extra Special Bitter is a very versatile malt driven old English Bitter style exhibiting toffee, dark fruit and hoppy herbal spice. Works well served a little warmer in winter to accentuate the rich malt or colder as a summer session beer accentuating the spicy hop presence.

Indian Summer Ale $18 per 4 pk

The newest edition of the core range, these little cans are purpose built for hot summers. This is all about the light body and vibrant carbonation with zesty hoppy notes of passionfruit and honeydew. Light bitterness and ABV here allows you to by a four pack with no stress.

Keller Door releases $10 each

These single batch beers are released throughout the year, giving the 4 Pines brewing team an opportunity to let their creative juices flow, literally. Stay tuned for the IPA to be released in the coming weeks.

The 4 Pines Range
The 4 Pines Range