Brewery of the Week: Nail Brewing Bassendean W.A

After enormous popularity over the cooler months, Nail Brewing has arrived as a force in the Swanny Cellars beer fridge. Head brewer John Stallwood’s original core range of Nail Ale, Golden Nail and Nail Oatmeal Stout have long given the beer lover an option for any time or place, however, his new releases over the past 6-12 months have really caught our eye. Nail Imperial Porter and Nail Hughe Dunn Brown were by far our best performers out of our many dark winter warmers in stock. To further consolidate Nail’s position recent releases of Red (Brockwell) Ale, Amber (Beazle) Ale and Hefe (Wombat)Wheat give us more than adequate options for spring and the imminent Perth summer.

Here’s what we thought of Nail’s five newest releases…

Nail Imperial Porter 8.5% alc/vol (best served at just cooler than room temperature): Our beer of the winter, pours thick and black with little carbonation. Aromas of sweet milk chocolate, coffee, prunes and toasted nuts are very pronounced before the silky smooth mouth feel delivers caramelised fig, chocolate, caramel and nuts. Perfect to sit on for an extended time on the couch as dessert on its own or if you feel naughty, throw in a slice of sticky date pudding on the side!

Nail Hughe Dunn Brown Imperial brown Ale 8% alc/vol: Pours brown (no surprise really) and frothy reducing to a small creamy head. Restrained nose with slight spice and nut aroma. Taste is like biting into a nutty chocolate bar like picnic or snickers. Chocolate, caramel, nuts and spice flavours lean toward a dessert pairing, however, I love Brown Ale with charred red meat.

Nail Beazle Brew Amber Ale %5 alc/vol: Pours very cloudy dark amber with fresh grassy hop aromas. Flavour is grassy, citrus, slightly bitter with a great toffee, biscuit malt balancing act. Definitely designed for the warmer months with its 5% alc/vol and moreish refreshing hop kick. Summer evening, bbq spicy chicken wings, a few Beazles and life would be pretty good!

Nail Brockwell Brewedwell Red Ale 6% alc/vol: Pours slightly cloudy red with a white head. Fruity hop aromas jump out including pine, grass, lemon and lime. Flavour is hop forward with a lovely bitterness backed by biscuit and toffee. Lends itself to a number of foods with its complexity yet I tried a red theme with a lighter red curry and it stood up pretty well so experiment with different food types.

Nail Hefeweizen Wombat Wheat 5.2% alc/vol: You either love or hate wheat beers but the popularity of Hefe such as Weihenstephan is not to be ignored. The Germans definitely represent the benchmark in this area, however, Nail’s effort is up there with the best. Pours pale with a lovely wheaty white head and loads of banana on the nose. Flavour is lots of banana, light spice with a rounded very light presence of sweeter malt to finish. This is ‘built’ for summer. It’s a light session able refresher which I love with goat’s cheese or a pork chop.

Nail Brewing range
Nail Brewing range