Chris Willcock of 4 Pines

Thanks for talking to us Chris Willcock of 4 Pines!

1.Where did you cut your teeth? “Orginally in a lab doing genetic research on eye diseases. But I finally moved across and gave brewing a crack by cutting my teeth at Bluetongue Brewery in the Hunter Valley. When I started there we were a small boutique set up making flavoursome lagers. When I left 7 years later, we were part of CUB and making Peroni in a brewery 10 times the size!”
2. What’s the worst mistake you’ve made in brewing? “Attempting a sour mash Berliner Weisse without ensuing it was air-free. The whole bar smelt like baby vomit in the morning!”

3.What’s your biggest win? “It’s hard to top the Champion Large Brewery Award we won last year at the Australian Beer Awards.”

4. What’s your best beer style? “I love all beer styles if they are brewed using good technique and ingredients. I’ve always had a massive fondness for some Beligian styles.”

5. What’s your worst beer style? “In a previous role at a large brewery, they made me brew a beer which was a mixture of beer and lime cordial. I wasn’t a fan.”

6. Do you have anything funny to add? “When I was a single man 10+ years ago, being a brewer got you no women. These days you’re a rock star. I definitely got my timing wrong!”

Thank you Chris for your time! If you’re keen on trying some of the 4 Pines range, here at Swanny Cellars, we stock seven beers from 4 Pines; Kolsch, Indian Summer Ale, Pale Ale, Hefe, ESB, Stout and Double IPA.

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And click here for more information about Chris on the 4 Pines site.

Source: 4 Pines website
Source: 4 Pines website