Christmas tipple

Rachel will be having bubbles; Champagne and sparkling to celebrate the day with family and friends.

For Belinda, rosé is more her thing and we couldn’t agree more. There’s so much fantastic rosé out there, from Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and we even have one from Greece in the store!

Robyn will definitely pop a French bottle, probably Perrier-Jouët, to have with croissants and fruit platter. A gin and tonic and a Vickery Riesling will make an appearance in the afternoon.

Sue will be having Perrier-Jouët Champagne then a St Hilary Chardonnay and a Rockford Basket Pressed Shiraz.

Sam will be having a few 4 Pines Kolsch (German Style Golden Ale) and David will have a few bottles of Somersby cider. Pirate Life and Hitachino Nest will be on the table for Tim and Tim while Paul will no doubt happily have a few beers from Garage Project. Zac will be tasting a few wines at his large family gathering; Diana Madeline Cullen 2002, SC Pannell GSM, Rimauresq Rosé and a few beers; Pirate Life Pale Ale, Feral Karma Citra and a few Belgian Lambic beers.

Dr David is back and having Mountain Goat Summer Ale, Rimauresq Rosé  and Picardy Chardonnay on the big day.

Merry Christmas from all of us!