Crafty Cans for Summer

The “crack” of a can of beer on a hot summers’ day is like music to the ears of most Australians. Long have W.A beer drinkers consumed cans of Export, EB, VB etc. due to their convenience with availability and travel. Whether camping, fishing, playing sport or winding up a hard day of labour at the worksite, the ease of pulling a cold can out of the esky is impossible to deny.

‘New World’ brewers have found another positive in the canning of beer- its ability to stay fresh for longer. W.A is very remote, meaning a lot of our brews have travelled a long way to get to our fridges. Cleaner, crisper lagers and hoppy ales are probably the first to suffer in the stubby. Whilst our stock rotation at Swanny Cellars is second to none under Tony’s watchful eye, the appeal of the can for some of our more premium beers is growing.

Mass produced domestic cans will have their place in the world, however, the new offers from boutique breweries offer big, fresh flavours at very affordable prices. We’ve put together a small sample of the cans in the Swanny Cellars beer fridge for this week’s newsletter to help our customers through the summer months of outdoor fun.

*Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale 355ml $5 each or $24.99 6pk (can mix with other Big Sky beers)*: Light bodied “Brown” with notes of toffee, light coffee and just enough bitterness to refresh the palate. Offers a more substantial option for a summer evening. Perfect with bbq meats.

*Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale 355ml $5 each or $24.99 6pk (can mix with other Big Sky beers): Lighter, more sessionable style American pale Ale. Orange in colour, grassy and citrus on the nose and a good zing of bitterness with great carbonation. Backyard cricket favourite.

*Big Sky India Pale Ale 355ml $5 each or $24.99 6pk (can mix with other Big Sky beers): The big brother of the range is golden in colour offering piney hop notes with a fuller resinous body and lovely sweet back bone. Higher ABV here so definitely one to sip and savour. A very generous, great value IPA.

*Founders All Day IPA 330ml can $5 each, $25 6pk or $48 in a 12pk (which looks very cool)*: As the name suggests, this IPA is much lighter than some of the other IPAs on the market and gives us a great option for parties. Once cracked, the fruity aromas fill the air, however, the balancing act between the bitterness, malt and ABV offer a session option that the more abrasive IPAs cannot. To add to this, the 12 pk it comes in is one of the cooler packages on the market. Steve Perry may have been spotted with one of these over his shoulder at a 21st recently.

*Mountain Goat Fancy Pants 375ml can $5 each or 4 for $17.99*: This little red can is much fancier than the other red can on the market. It pours dark red with a small head. Hop regime is fruity and spicy with a low level of bitterness. Mouth feel is creamy with notes of caramel and biscuity malt on the palate. A very good amber ale.

*Mountain Goat Summer Ale 375ml can $5 each or $22 for 6pk*: Swanny Cellars’ most popular craft can. On a sweltering day when refreshment is the key, this little yellow can is already the favourite of many. It’s very light with only a hint of biscuity malt, however, this beer is all about the tropical fruit. Pine, passionfruit and orange are the key here paired with vibrant carbonation to making this a beer people keep coming back for on a hot day.

*You can buy these cans  in a mixed six pack for $25

Garage Project Hop Trial $12 each: Garage Project is far from mediocre, constantly pushing the boundaries in the beer world. Single hop IPAs have been done before but never using a new unidentified hop. In collaboration with New Zealand Plant and Food Research who have created a new hop, Garage Project have made this hop the star of the show. Grassy, citrus and pineapple notes dominate here but the addition of spicy, grainy rye malt compliments said hop nicely. This beer is very rare and is selling fast, however, this NZ style hop has a big future and is sure to pop up, once named, in many beers to come.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 473 ml Can $6 each or $19.99 for a 4pk: Easily the world’s most popular American style Pale Ale. Many brewers have leant toward this style locally to great effect, however, this beer remains the trail blazer of the craft beer world. Fuller bodied with generous citrus and grapefruit hop notes and a well-integrated caramel malt backing.

Steve caught red handed walking away with the beers
Steve caught red handed walking away with the beers