Hoddles Creek

Hoddles Creek is a relatively new winery, established in 1997 with the D’Anna family having owned the land since the 1960s. Here in the Upper Yarra, the vineyard is next to Hoddles Creek, hence the name. It’s higher and cooler here compared to the lower Yarra Valley. The vineyards are hand harvested and hand pruned with minimal intervention in their wine making.

All the wines are grown and made on the estate where, in addition to 10ha of Pinot Noir, 6 ha of Chardonnay, there is 1.5ha of Pinot Gris and 1ha each of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

As the climate is marginal in the Upper Yarra and grapes can struggle to ripen before the colder weather comes, the vine leaves and shoots need to be carefully managed and they are trellised to the Scott-Henry system with two canopies; one going up and one going down. This trellis system helps increase sunlight into canopy and ensure there is not too much foliage which can prevent sunlight reaching the grapes and can also create a damp growing environment. Too much shading will reduce fruit quality

For over 10 years the winery has been using less chemicals in the vineyard, Their mission is “to produce a terroir driven Yarra Valley wine of the highest possible quality sourced from impeccably farmed old vines with a focus on balance, complexity, concentration and ageability. ”

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Hoddles Creek