Jack’s Christmas beers

I’ve tasted so many wonderful beers this year that it’s hard to choose just a special few for the big day.

But it’s going to have to be the Saison Dupont alongside my prawns. Dupont, based in Belgium has a long history – starting life as a farm back in 1759 and becoming brewery in 1950. Nothing wrong with bringing some history to the dinner table!

Then with my turducken (turkey, duck and chicken), I’m thinking Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvée René which was named after the 6th generation master brewer at Lindemans who retired in 2006 – I always like to know the history of beers! The beer is a result of fermenting lambic with cherries (which is Kriek in Flemish for ‘cherry’). The sour notes come from the fact that lambic is made with wild yeasts, tasty!

For dessert I’m planning on having Christmas cake and I think the Westvleteren 12 would match perfectly. It’s from Westvleteren, Belgium where the beer is still made by monks as it has been for hundreds of years. It was recently named best beer in the world by ratebeer.com and has since attracted worldwide attention, much to the disappointment of the monks…they don’t like the spotlight….but good news for us as we have a limited supply in our store!

And to finish off the night, I think I may just sip on a Narwhal, my favourite stout which is rich, smooth and roasty.