La Sirène

The brewing company, La Sirène, is based in Melbourne and their aim is to focus on making French and Belgium farmhouse styles of beer. The brewery is very creative and is always experimenting. If they’re looking to make a new beer, they’ll start with a small batch first which needs to be approved before it’s made commercially.

At La Sirène, the focus is on a style called ‘Saison’ which means ‘season’ and they’re made to have with food. Stay tuned for our beer and food matching recommendations! The name of the brewery, La Sirène means ‘the siren’ and they describe it as ‘a response to a calling of passion for us.’ And we can’t deny their passion and innovations.

The team at La Sirène has winemaking and scientific backgrounds as well as an interest into making different styles.

Beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised and all are refermented and matured in the bottle.The range includes:

  • Refermented Saison in bottle
  • Wild Saison
  • Fleur Folie
  • Saisonette
  • Farmhouse Red
  • Super Saison
  • Praline

There’s also a range of beers available in keg.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and come in store to ask Jack, our beer expert all about his favourites!