Langmeil Winery

The history of Langmeil in the Barossa Valley starts back in 1842 when a 36 year old German blacksmith, Christian Auricht bought the land having just arrived in South Australia 4 years earlier.

He planted Shiraz vines, which still produce wines today, this is the single vineyard Shiraz and it’s called The Freedom 1843 Shiraz. It was named after the first settlers who came to Australia in search of the freedom they couldn’t have in Europe.

The grandson of Christian Auricht called Theodor Hanisch set up the winery in 1932 and the wine was sold under the ‘Paradale’ label. It was then managed by Theodor’s son Arthur who unfortunately died only one year after his father, in 1969. By this time, the family had decided to sell the property and in 1972 Bernkastel wines purchased the winery and operated under their own label until they went into liquidation in 1988. It was tough during the 1980s with the economic climate, over supply of grapes and a vine pull initiative where South Australian wine growers were paid to pull out their unwanted vines.

Better times lay ahead with the property bought by three friends Richard Lindner, Carl Lindner and Chris Bitter in 1996 who restored much of the old buildings and garden and called the winery Langmeil, after the original village.

Then five years ago, in 2011, Richard and Shirley Lindner and their sons, Paul (Winemaker) and James (Sales & Marketing) bought Langmeil and continue to make award winning wines! We’ll have their wines on tasting at Swanny Cellars on:

  • Saturday 28th May
  • Friday 10th June

Details to follow nearer the date!


Langmeil Winery in the beginning
Langmeil Winery in the beginning