Look what’s landed in our beer fridge

Blanche Neige – Strong Wheat beer with cinnamon and cloves, ABV 8.3%, $11 each: You either love or hate wheat beer. If it is love then this “snow white” should be at the top of your list to try. Once poured, the typical wheat aromas are present on the nose such as banana, coriander and orange before the subtle hint of cinnamon and sweet bready malt. On the palate are banana bread, candied orange, cinnamon, light clove, citrus and grassy hop presence and a warming/sweet alcohol presence finishing with a grassy bitterness that refreshes the palate. I personally loved it and I recommend it to all humans and dwarves.

Chaman- Double IPA, ABV 9%, $10 each: India Pale Ale in the American style are big beers in general, therefore, prefixing the word “double” would lead one to believe that this is a hop monster. The nose includes piney, grapefruit and citrus hop aromas with a vanilla sweetness coming through. First sip is sweet brown sugar/butterscotch malt and a big whack of resinous pine needly hops. Big hops and big sweet bready malts balance nicely but this is not for the faint hearted. Great with food especially spicy curry.

Equinoxe du Printemps- Scotch Ale with Maple Syrup, ABV 9.5%, $11 each:  This one is my personal favourite. Pours a murky brown with immediate aromas of vanilla, burnt sugar, prunes and honey (like the dessert from heaven). Flavour is earthy, toffee, maple syrup, dried fruits and liquorice with a beautiful viscous/syrupy mouthfeel. Let it warm to room temperature before drinking slowly to savour every sip. Canadians love bacon and maple syrup so both John and I have paired this with crispy bacon to great effect. I hear salted caramel is another good match for this one.

 L’Herbe à Détourne – Citra Hopped Belgian Tripel, ABV 10.2%, $11 each: Belgian Tripels are big in their own right, bursting with Belgian yeast characters of fruit, spice and earthy funk. This special brew pairs everything Tripel with a huge addition of Citra hops at the bittering stage. Big orange, stone fruit and herbal aromas leap out of the glass with a strong citrus hop presence. Mouthfeel is full with flavours of orange, pine, candy sweetness, earthy funk and a huge bitterness. This hybrid between the Belgian classic and a hoppy IIPA is definitely one to share with a friend.

We look forward to hearing our customers’ feedback on these as the staff are loving them. They are a great accompaniment with food or even a dessert in their own right (Equinoxe). Prices are at the higher end, however, these beers should be poured into glasses, shared with friends, sipped and savoured like a fine wine. After all, a lot of love has gone into their creation.