New Garage Project Beers

We love what the guys from Garage Project have been able to create in just 5 years, starting as a small brewery based in Aro Valley, Wellington in New Zealand they have created some fantastic craft beers. The guys behind the Garage Project are brothers Pete and Ian Gillespie and childhood friend Jos Ruffell.

Pete worked in breweries across the UK and Australia, Jos is very creative and Ian brought Pete and Jos together talking about getting a brewery off the ground in Wellington….Of course there’s more to it than that so you’ll need to check out the details on their site.

When we last wrote about Garage Project, Jack’s top 5 were Aro Noir (Stout), Bossa Nova (Fruit Beer), Hops On Pointe (Champagne Pilsener), Death From Above (Pale Ale) and Cherry Bomb (Cherry Porter). Jack still loves them especially as Aro Noir and Hops on Pointe are now in cans. But Jack also likes some of the new collection that’s been sitting look pretty on our shelves for the past month;

Venusian Pale Ale is brewed with toasted coriander, kafir lime, lemongrass, and grapefruit zest, I loved it with  my chicken curry!

Louisiana Voodoo Queen  is a dark ale brewed with mysterious…perfect for a post dinner treat!

Baltic Porter with toasted malt, coffee, burnt sugar, bitter chocolate, liquorice and raisins. Great with a big slab of blue cheese and a movie!

Jack and Garage Project Beers
Jack and Garage Project Beers