Nøgne ø

The guys at Nøgne ø describe themselves as ‘”Norway’s leading and largest supplier of craft beer and the first and only producer of sake in Europe.”

Nøgne Ø started just over 10 years ago with a 300 hl production and as of this year produces about 20000 hl. And believe it or not, in the early days, the employees actually were volunteers. No one was paid while the business was getting up and running. What team work!

So I guess you could say part of their culture is for everyone to get involved. And if you go there you’ll find the office guys working in the brewery and the guys in the brewery working at tastings! You’ll also notice the staff come from all over the world!

The brewery produces a range of beers. They are always looking for new flavours and tastes so they produce some beers that you won’t see again….

The name of the brewery, Nøgne Ø , means “naked island”. On the Nøgne Ø site they explain the reason for giving the brewery this name. We think that perhaps the area was rather ‘naked’ before Norwegian home brewers Kjetil Jikiun and Gunnar Wiig set up the brewery in 2002.

The brewery make over 30 different styles of ales. They make 18 staple ‘regular’ beers annually. Plus they make season beers, special brews, one off/retired beers and guest brews/collaborations. Collaboration has involved working with breweries we currently stock at Swanny; Garage Project and Moon Dog.

Nøgne Ø also makes sake which is the first sake brewery in Europe. And as well as exporting to Australia, they export to another 39 countries. Keep checking the site as they are always looking to improve and change their beers – they want to ensure they always make different and interesting beers.

We stock the below range of Norwegian beers at Swanny Cellars.

  1. Nøgne Ø Imperial Pale Ale $14 per bottle (500ml)
  2. Nøgne Ø Saison Réserve $12 (330ml)
  3. Nøgne Ø #100 $16.00 per bottle (500ml)
  4. Nøgne Ø Porter $14 per bottle (500ml)

See you in the store and click on the Nøgne Ø site for more info!

Nogne o beer range