Our Team

Our beer and wine experts can help you for any occasion; whether it be a birthday function, corporate event or you’re looking for a special bottle to share with close friends. Steve and Stef head up the wine division with Tony specialising in spirits.

Our beer and wine team has a wealth of experience in wine, spirits, beer and customer service. Among the 4 managers, they have 40 years of working at Swanbourne Cellars.

Steve has been working at Swanbourne Cellars for over 22 years, Tony for over 18,  Stef for 10 years and Sam for 7 years. So when you come to the store, you know you’re in experienced hands!

Steve has been in the wine trade since the 1980’s and is well respected and well-known both in and out of the industry. Steve worked at the famous John Coppins for 10 years before joining the Swanny team. As general manager of Swanbourne Cellars, he is the wine buyer, manages the stock and works closely with the team. It was Steve who set up the current layout of the blind tasting at the bi weekly Panel tastings and ran it for its first 10 years. He has just celebrated 22 years working as Manager for Swanbourne Cellars

Stef has been working in the wine trade for over 20 years running and managing stores in Nedlands, Mount Lawley, Wembley, City Beach, Dalkeith and has been at Swanbourne Cellars for 10 years. A few years ago he travelled to Spain tasting wines and sampling the fantastic food. He was blown away by the amazing experience, culture and time away. Keep up to date with Stef’s Wine of the Week and his Top 5 from the Panel across our pages on Instagram and Facebook. Or if you prefer to read emails, we mention his recommendations in there too!

Tony has been in retail since before he was born with his family owning and running the legendary retail store; Gangemi’s in Perth. As the retail manager, Tony is in charge of shop floor and ordering the spirits not to mention advising customers on their purchases. Whisky is Tony’s interest and new found love is gin. Tony has been working 18 years at Swanbourne Cellars.

Sam has been the beer buyer at Swanbourne Cellars for a number of years. Within this role, he is able to taste many of new beers on the market. The best part of his job is as he says, “is the people I work with and the community vibe we have with the customers.”