Q&A with Jack about BrewDog Elvis Juice

Jack took a moment in between managing the shop and doing deliveries to tell us about BrewDog Elvis Juice.

1.What do you like most about Elvis Juice?

It’s refreshing……well balanced between the sweet grapefruit and the dry bitter finish
and it hides its strong ABV quite well which is good and scary

2.What would you drink it with?

Good question! I have always had it on its own but I reckon it would be pretty tasty with spicy chicken wings or any spicy food

3.How much stock do you have?

It’s limited but we have about 3 cartons (of 24 left) since we had a delivery on the 7th Feb

4.How many brands do you stock under BrewDog?

So many, 7…..we love the brand!

5.Is BrewDog Elvis juice your favourite?

Yes, one of my favourite BrewDog beers

6.What are you going to stock up on for the Labour Day weekend at just 3 weeks away?

This will be top of my list!

BrewDog beers in our fridge
BrewDog beers in our fridge

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