Staff favourites for 2014

•Our manager Steve’s favourite was the Mash Copycat IPA at $20 for a 4 pack.

•Stef preferred the Garage Project Death from Above. It might sound a bit lethal but really it’s worth a try with hints of chili flavours at $12.00 each.

•Jack had to go with the Nail Clout Stout. It’s been his favourite for the year. Currently at $85 at the 750ml bottle we can see why he saved this for Christmas Eve tasting.

•Dave on the other hand picked Mountain Goat Summer Ale Cans (4 pack at $18) it’s been a good accompaniment to the number of BBQs he’s had this year and a recent favourite of wine writer James Halliday’s.

•John opted for the American Sierra Nevada Pale, we think he has a soft spot for American beer as he can’t stop raving about US beers. At $60.00 for a carton or $6 each you can try them once at a time.

•Tim found Stone & Wood Pacific Ale his favourite. Currently at $69.99 for a carton or $19.99 for a 6 pack.

•Michael picked the Feral Hop Hog IPA. With numerous accolades over the past year, we can see why it was his favourite. Currently $18.00 for 4 pack.

•Alan’s choice was Budvar from the Czech Republic. In his own words he explains; “It is old and traditional, a little like me”. Currently at $19.99 for a 6 pack.

•Ruth chose the Garage Project Sauvin Nouveau because for her it was something different and nouveau (‘new’) at $20 per bottle.

Next week we’ll be writing up our favourite sparklers from last year. Christmas might be over but there’s a reason to open a bottle of sparkling!

A selection of beers at Swanny Cellars
A selection of beers at Swanny Cellars