Stef’s Spanish trip part 2

We visited the magnificent and amazing Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. The Frank Gehry Building is considered by many architects as the most important building of the second part of the 20th century.

We were lucky enough to see the Itinerant Art Exhibition of Andy Warhol plus the amazing permanent designs of Robert Serra.

After few hours at the museum we visited Destileries Siderit. This micro distillery produces the best gin in Spain and one of the best gins in the world. It’s specifically made to drink with tonic, Spain being the number one drinkers of gin & tonic in the world.

Out of more than 15 wineries that we visited, we’ve focused on just 4 to share with you; for different reasons.

  1. Bodegas Tondonia

If you have to visit one winery in Spain this is the one! This is the most traditional winery in Spain founded in 1863 and nothing has changed there for 134 years, well one thing has changed, there is electricity now!  The underground cellars were built with hammers and chisels before electricity arrived in Spain.

The wines have been made the same way; knowledge handed down from the forefathers to the actual descendants. A business that has been in the same family for more than 136 years.

  1. Bodegas Muga

This is another of the favourite wineries and like Tondonia, they don’t use stainless steel; using only wood from different sizes and shapes. They even have their own coopers to make the barrels.

  1. Vintae in Rioja

Vintae is a group of seven wineries across the north of Spain with the company created by a group of young winelovers and winemakers.  They have great packaging, great wines and at a very competitive price.

  1. Azul y Garanza

The last of the wineries we visited was Azul y Garanza. The guys behind this small winery, Fernando, Maria and Dani are a clear example of imagination, hard work and that smart thinking is more important than money.  They bought the old co-operative in Carcastillo near the Desert of Las Bardenas Reales. They  ferment and age their wine in 90  years old concrete tanks, certified organic and the most beautiful vineyards surrounding the desert make for wonderfully complex wines with a purity and minerality. It is Tempranillo at its best.

After our time in Navarra, it was time to go back to Barcelona for the last time. More gin and tonics, more food and it was time to say goodbye to this beautiful country and their beautiful people and their amazing way of life.

Siesta, Fiesta and Mañana.


Stef’s Spanish trip part 2


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