Stef’s trip to Spain

As a lot of our clients and friends go to Spain or might be thinking of going to Spain, I’ve compiled some of Stef’s fav places of his trip.

Barcelona, this is easily, one of the top 5 cities in the world. Beautiful monuments, world class museums,churches Cathedrals and all the Gaudi works, busy streets and thousands of people drinking eating, shopping,

Eating places in Barcelona.


-Mercado La Boqueria. This is the one of the most famous Markets in the world Tsukuji Market in Tokyo would be the other one.

Breakfast here is not the old boring eggs and bacon kind, Here you came to eat Razor clams, cockles, prawns, goose barnacles (Percebes in Spanish) all kind of fresh seafood, fresh means less than 12 hours from where the fisherman caught the fish until it reaches your plate.

Here they don’t order a flat white to go with breakfast, instead people drink Cava (sparkling wine) or white or red, beer is ok too. Yes I know is only 9 am but everybody is drinking wine!

2.Stef’s picks for dinner:

  • Vaso de Oro: very old tapas bar in the Barcelona quarter. Great food and reasonable prices. Authentic tapas and great fun.
  • El Xampanyet in el Born, a 100 year old bar still family owned. Great wines, great tapas, great atmosphere.
  • Disfrutar Restaurant for the top end food and Stef’s fav, owned by three of El Bulli Restaurant ex  head chefs. The food is amazing, creative, and the service is professional and laid back.

Next stop was the small Village of Vilafranca del Penedès where they were celebrating their fiestas and famous for its wines and Cavas. This town is also well known for its ‘human towers’. We’ve included a few links so you find out more about these towers below:

While in Spain, Stef learnt the old Catalan tradition of the aperitif “vermouth”. Believe it or not, it’s a tradition to be served home made vermouth and eat plates of mussels, cockels  and anchovies out of tin cans when out at local bars from 12-2pm. We thought this FT article would explain more! And then next on the agenda is lunch!

After three days of going to bed at 5 am and waking up at 10 am (parties in Spain go for twenty four hours)……it was time to go to San Sebastián…..

This is food lovers’ paradise there is not another place in the world with so many amazing places to eat and drink. We are looking at a town less than 200 thousand people. They have 3 three Michelin star restaurants and hundreds of tapas/small snacks (or locally known as ‘pintxos’ or pincho in other areas of Spain). –

Stef’s favourite places were:.

  • For Pintxos, in the old part of Town La Cuchara de San Telmo.
  • For a memorable lunch eating traditional Basque food, Rekondo restaurant in Igueldo Mountain is fantastic! Make sure you ask for an outdoor table. This restaurant has one of the top 5 best wine lists in the world!
  • Elkano restaurant in the fishing village of Getaria is a must try to any one that loves fish!
  • Turbot ( Rodaballo in Spanish) this is the best fish I’ve ever eaten, wild caught by local fisherman brought in the morning to the restaurant and cook over charcoals. The cheeks from Hake Fish is called Kokotxas in the Basque language. This is a must try.
  • Sidreria Petretegui traditional Basque cider house

After an amazing time in San Sebastián we visited Gin Siderit ….find out more next week! And if you come into the store before then, let us know what you think of the trip!


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