Steve Perry: Steve has been expertly advising and educating Perth’s western suburbs on wine since 1985. He was a director of the legendary Cottesloe Wine Store – John Coppins until 1997 then he joined Swanny Cellars and has been the General Manager since 2010. Steve has travelled extensively around the wine-growing regions of Australia and New Zealand plus has visited the wine regions of France and Italy whilst also being the Chairman of the Liquor Barons Tasting Panel for more than 12 Years.

Over the summer months, Steve is looking forward to tasting Champagnes and fresh crisp lively whites. His favourite grape variety is Riesling as it is so pure and great value for money. He adds, “Out of all grape varieties, for me, it is the best value for money.”

When asked what Steve likes most about working at Swanny Cellars he says, “I really believe it is the staff, family and community atmosphere plus of course the wine.”

Desert Island Drink: If he were stranded on a desert island his drinks of choice would be Riesling as well as Champagne. The famous phrase from Madame Lily Bollinger comes to mind!