The Apprentices

Our managers couldn’t run the shop without the help of our apprentices; our part time staff!

They work with us on the shop floor advising customers on the best deals, wines and beers based on their budget and occasion. They also help the team delivering wines, beer and spirits for both public and private functions.

Our part time team is made up of some great people with different backgrounds but all brought together for their love of beer, wine and spirits!

Tony: Since he was a young boy his parents’ owned the well known West Perth store Gangemi’s. Tony was brought up in the retail environment and has been a provider of services in the retail liquor industry for many years. He shuns the pretentious side of wine and has many loyal followers of his recommendations. Tony was our Senior Retail Manager responsible for all shop operations and logistics for 18 years until he retired in October.  He now works part time at the store. He has a keen palate and advocates balance and generosity in all his wines.

David: David has been working at Swanny Cellars for over 4.5 years and his favourite beer is Estrella Damm Inedit, his wine of choice is Streicker Chardonnay and rum is still his favourite spirit. Over the warmer months David is looking to try George the Fox Cider. Working at Swanny Cellars, David loves the camaraderie, tasting new beers and wines as well as telling bad jokes.  David studying Commerce as he likes economics and history with just 6 months to go. Over the summer months David will be heading to Margaret River for a few long weekends.


The team at Swanbourne Cellars
The team at Swanbourne Cellars


Jimmy: Jimmy has been one of our longest serving part time staff members working at Swanny Cellars for just under 4 years. He’s just finished studying a Bachelor of Sound Engineering. His favourite wine is El Circo Tempranillo, beer is Garage Project Garagista IPA and for spirits, it’s Pimm’s! Over the warmer months, he’s looking forward to getting down south and heading to the beach more. When asked what he likes most about working at the shop, Jimmy also agrees it’s the staff that make it what it is, really fun to work with and great to learn from.

Andy: Andy has been working at Swanny Cellars for over 2.5 years and is currently studying law. His favourite grape variety is Shiraz and IPA is his top beer and rum his favourite spirit. This year he’s looking forward to trying more international wines and sampling some of the beers at Swanny Cellars; there is a huge selection!

Max: Max has been working at Swanny Cellars for 3 months. He is currently studying Data science / Finance under a Bachelor of Commerce. His favourite wine is Picardy Chardonnay, his top beer is Colonial Pale Ale and his favourite spirit is Botanist Gin. Over summer when not at work, you’ll find Max surfing and playing cricket. At Swanny Cellars, Max really enjoys working alongside the great crew at the shop and learning about wine.

Jack: Jack has been working at Swanny Cellars for 4 months. When not at the shop, Jack is studying a Bachelor of Commerce & Engineering and plans to study a Masters of Engineering next year. His favourite grape variety is Sauvignon Blanc, prefers Pale Ale and his top spirit is Rum. Over the summer Jack is looking forward to trying Chablis. When asked what Jack likes about working at Swanny Cellars, he says, “it’s the camaraderie and being part of a local community.”

Bill: Bill has been working at Swanny Cellars for almost 18 months and is in his final year studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Business Law. His favourite white is a crisp Pinot Grigio, his top red is a light, fruity Pinot Noir. Otherside Mango & Peach Sour is his top beer and Roku Gin from Japan is his preferred gin. Over the cooler months he’s looking forward to trying some deeper reds and stout beers. While working at Swanny Cellars, Bill is really loving getting to know all about the different products on the shelves and helping people find drinks they enjoy.

Will: Will has been at Swanny Cellars for 1.5 years and is studying  a Masters of Project Management. Will enjoys a nice Cabernet Sauvignon which goes down a treat and thinks Rocky Ridge sours are wicked. With Whisky on the rocks by the fire, he’s all set for a great night in! Over the warmer months, he is keen to try some more Rieslings and Pilsners. When asked what he enjoys most when working at Swanny, he says it’s a great group of guys and the best range of international and local wines.

Rachel: Rachel manages the orders at Swanny Cellars and just loves bubbles; Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot. During the cooler months she’ll be drinking more red in front of the fire place. Rachel loves working with such fantastic and knowledgeable staff. Outside of work Rachel is kept busy taking her children to various sporting events; swimming, surf club and netball. She’s hoping her next holiday is to somewhere warm with sun-drenched beaches along with a nice cocktail to sip!

Perri: Perri is in charge of paying suppliers and all of us so we always make sure we’re even nicer to her! Perri has just come back from an amazing 6 week trip to France, Spain, England and Italy. She’s tried so many wines and beers, she doesn’t know which ones are her favourite anymore! Outside of work at the moment she’s reminiscing of her fabulous holiday and planning her next trip!

Claudia: Claudia has been working at Swanny Cellars for over 1 year in the Accounts Department. She enjoys James Boag’s Premium Lager, Shiraz & Grenache blends and likes the range of Gins out on the market. Over summer Claudia will be exploring and enjoying more Gin & Tonics. Since starting at Swanny Cellars, she has enjoyed having first hand expert knowledge of beers, wines and spirits from the staff. When Claudia is not managing suppliers and customers’ accounts, you will find her far away from a computer either hiking, camping, reading or gardening. She hasn’t yet planned her next trip away but it will definitely include her camper trailer and exploring the outback.

Ruth: Ruth manages the digital marketing including updating the website, writing blogs and digital advertising. Over the warmer months, Ruth is looking forward to trying some Chardonnays and sour craft beers. While based in Adelaide and Melbourne, Ruth met with winemakers across the many wine regions and posted on the Swanny blog as the “Roaming Reporter.” Ruth now lives in Brisbane and is training for an Ironman.