Tony’s recipe of the month: December

My favourite December summer salad at the moment is one I picked up from Melbourne and the ingredients are minimal and relatively cheap:

  • Fennel
  • Flat leaf kale
  • Roasted pinenuts
  • And garnished with aioli

You need to make sure you finely slice the fennel first. Then slice the kale in ribbons making sure you have a long ribbon type effect.

At the same time, make sure you toast the pine nuts until they get that slight brown colour to them then add to the salad and garnish with aioli.

I tend to buy the aioli already made but feel free to make your own! I find that aioli only works with kale, because of its crunchiness. I don’t tend to eat it with other greens.

And voilà, there’s the salad; tasty, relatively cheap and quick to make plus healthy….as long as you don’t use too much aioli or pine nuts!


Merry Christmas!


Tony the Chef
Tony the Chef