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We love Champagne but we also love Sparkling Wine and living in a country with access to such fantastic wines means we are actually spoilt for choice!

Sparkling wine is made around the world; from a wide range of grapes; Prosecco/Glera in Italy and Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarello that makes Cava (with Chardonnay at times) in Spain, the famous sparkling is Cava. Plus there’s some excellent examples in the UK, North America, South America and in Australia and New Zealand; made from the typical Champagne varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay). Champagne can and is only made in Champagne, in France.

‘Champagne’ is made from any of the three permitted grape varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, made in the region in France and using the traditional method as well as adhering to other viticulture laws of the area including yield, irrigation, harvesting.

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We tasted over 100 sparklings and champagnes last year to bring you the Panel’s top sparklings:

Brown Bros Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier Brut (AU)

A long-time favourite which, as usual, doesn’t disappoint in flavour or price. It has a brilliant appearance, buckets of effervescence, good yeasty bouquet and a gutsy palate. From King Valley Victoria, truly an affordable Oz sparkler of quality. Ideal summer quaffer or mixer.

$19.99 single bottle $18.99

42° South Premier Cuvee (AU)

Born and bred in Tasmania, this has all the features we love in sparkling wine – lots of bubble, a yeasty complexity, creamy texture and refinement to boot. A little strawberry and apple (well, it is Tasmanian) add to the flavour. Smart when accompanying the local ocean trout.

$27.99 single bottle $24.99 each in any six

Natale Verga Prosecco (It)

A youthful pale straw this is delightfully fresh with citrus, floral notes and a little nuttiness. It has an attractive palate with fruit sweetness and clean acidity and is great summer drinking, especially in the late afternoon or pre-dinner. Mix with peach nectar for a famous Venetian Bellini cocktail.

$21.99 single bottle $1999 each in any six

Sittella 2012 Marie Christien Lugten Grand Vintage (AU)

Being entrenched in the Swan Valley hasn’t deterred Yuri Berns from making quality fizz. He sources the best fruit (this is from Pemberton) and the wine is as fresh as an oven-hot croissant. It’s bright, has an explosion of tiny bead, is dry, has great length of flavour and the complexity of four years on bottle lees. Wow!

$29.99 single bottle $27.99 each in any six

Salatin Prosecco Treviso doc Extra Dry (IT)

Pale lemon colour and insanely fresh, this erupts in the glass with lively bubbles and displays lemony fruit aromas and some poached pear. The palate is long with citrus and apple and has a delightful cleansing finish. Serve with your choice of antipasti.

$21.99 single bottle $19.99 each in any six

Louis Bouillot NV Brut Blanc de Blancs (Fr)

This is a sparkling wine of Burgundy, not Champagne and is made from white grapes (mainly chardonnay). It is very similar in style however to Champagne without the price tag. There are doughy yeast characters, citrus and green apple fruit and a lovely fine acidity to finish. Ideal aperitif in warm weather.

$29.99 single bottle $27.99 each in any six

Sparkling wine featured in OTV
Sparkling wine featured in OTV

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