What is a Lambic Beer?

Lambic is a type of beer brewed traditionally in the Pajottenland region of Belgium (southwest of Brussels). Unlike the popular ales and lagers which are fermented by strains of brewer’s yeast, these beers are produced by spontaneous fermentation.  Open vats expose the beer to the natural yeasts and bacteria in the Senne valley, giving the final product a very unique bouquet and flavour.

Straight Lambic beers are distinguished by their dry, vinous and cider flavours backed by a unique sour finish.


Swanbourne Cellars offers the Lindeman’s Gueuze, a blend of 1 and 3 year old lambic beers, as a great introduction to the style.

Traditionally, Lambic beers are blended and fermented with an array of different fruit juices such as Cherry (Kriek), Raspberry (Framboise) or Apple (Pomme). If the straight sour Gueuze is too much, too soon then the fruit blends could be for you. The fruit adds another layer of acid as well as a big hit of sweetness to add balance.

Have a look here what Rate Beer has says about Lambic beers.


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