What is a Saison?

“Saison” is French for the word season, a fitting term to describe this famous Ale from the farmhouses of French speaking Wallonia in Belgium. Due to warm temperatures, brewing was near impossible in the summer months due to a lack of refrigeration. The farm workers, however, were entitled up to 5 litres of beer each day to refresh after a long day in the fields.

Workers were now employed in the winter season to brew enough beer to meet the demands of the thirsty summer workers. Funnily enough, a lot of the local water wasn’t fit for consumption so brewing with the addition of hops (a natural preservative and antiseptic) allowed the labourers to rehydrate without becoming ill.  Due to the refreshing role of these beers, original Saison brews were lower in alcohol so the workers were not incapacitated. Our modern Saison varieties at Swanbourne cellars can be characterised by their funky farmhouse yeast, spicy nose, refreshing high carbonation and beautiful pale golden colour.

These beers are made to refresh, a perfect accompaniment for our hot W.A summer. In addition to this, the BOCQ Saison in stock has just won best Saison in the world beer awards. in the world beer awards.saison